Generator Service Schedule

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Fleet Maintenance Of Texas

Austin Power Generation service schedule is shown below. Our technicians can help determine additional requirements for specific sites that may be in addition to the listed schedule. Maintenance schedules may also vary depending on generator manufacturer guidelines.

Scheduled generator maintenance ensures that you get uninterrupted power for your business when the generator is called upon to keep your business up and running.

Inspection Points Quarterly Yearly
Visually inspect the generator set.
Check the coolant heater for proper operation / inspect for leaks
Check coolant level add as needed / check for leaks
Check antifreeze and DCA concentration.
Check radiator, cap and louver operation.
Check all hoses; inspect hose clamps for proper tightness
Check oil level / add as needed / check for leaks.
Drain water from fuel filters.
Check all fuel lines for leaks, cracks or chaffing.
Check for water in fuel tank / check fuel level / check day tank operation.
Check turbocharger and intake piping.
Check air filter / clean as needed. Replace when indicated at additional cost
Check muffler, traps and rain cap.
Check exhaust piping for leaks.
Check engine starting system.
Check battery water level and specific gravity / add water as needed.
Check battery charger, adjust as needed.
Check alternator output.
Clean battery terminals / coat with anti-corrosion spray.
Check drive belts for proper tension.
Check engine ignition system. (Gaseous units)
Test run generator / check for proper operation / look for excessive vibrations.
Check operation of instrumentation / record oil pressure, water temperature.
Check all shutdown safeties and alarms.
Check AC output, record voltage, hertz and amps under load / adjust as needed.
Check AC and DC wiring for proper tightness / inspect for chaffing.
Transfer building load to generator set (if required), record load.
Make report of generator set overall condition / alert owner to any problems.
Change oil and filters
Change fuel filters
Change water filters.
Air filters inspected each visit and replaced when indicated at additional cost
Optional: Coolant analysis.
Optional: Oil analysis
Optional: Resistive load bank test – 2 hours

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